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You need: a Philips head cordless drill, strapping tape (with fiber or filament in it), colored vinyl tape to match the strap (white, black or brown), colored vinyl tape for the ends, cosmetic cotton rounds, cosmetic cotton pads.

  1. Prep for an old rifle: remove all old tape, gunk, stickers and padding from the rifle. Now repeat after me: I WILL NOT OVERTAPE MY RIFLE. If there is a break in the rifle, use wood glue to repair the break. Then, once the glue is dry (usually 24 hrs for the best bond), reinforce by taping the 2 pieces together tightly with some strapping tape. If you try to use only tape, you will weigh down the rifle needlessly.
  2. Remove the bolt with Philips head cordless drill.
  3. Tape Stress Point A: Section A should cover entire grip up to the bolt. Cut 2 pieces of tape about 5" each. Apply center of tape to center of gray section "A". Wrap tape around grip tightly, keeping the tape smooth. Repeat with 2nd piece of tape.
  4. Tape Stress Point B : Section B should be about 3" wide. Cut 3 pieces of tape about 7" each. Apply the center of tape to indented area under removed bolt and wrap tape around tightly, keeping tape smooth. Overlapping first piece, tape center of section B, and then right side. Repeat with 2nd piece of tape.
  5. For extra reinforcement, now wrap all the area between A and B (covering what you already taped). To use as little tape as possible (and keep the rifle lighter), reinforce only the stress points.
  6. Cover between A & B with colored vinyl tape. Use as little tape as possible! Start with long sideways pieces in between A & B, then wrap the tape around top and bottom on the stress points to finish.
  7. Replace the bolt, using the cordless drill.
  8. Reinforce the Ends : With strapping tape, wrap butt and tip of rifle 2x with about a 1/2" overlap onto the end of the wood.
  9. Then add padding. Cosmetic cotton rounds are a perfect size and shape to pad the tip. Use a stack of 3-4 round ones for the tip, and 2-3 layers of side-by-side cosmetic cotton rectangular pads for the butt.

    For the tip: Go over the top of the cotton with an "X"... just enough strapping tape to secure the cotton to the wood.

    For the butt: Use 3-4 strips of strapping tape over the sides to secure the cotton to the wood.

    Then use just enough vinyl tape to cover both cotton and strapping tape: longways side by side strips first, then all the way round the sides for about an inch below the end of the tip or butt.
  10. Hardware: Use Loc-Tite Threadlocker Blue to make sure all the hardware stays put. Secure with strapping tape strips cut to fit. Then cover what you can to protect your hands from the metal (and for appearance).

It takes about 20-30 minutes per rifle to do this right. Don't wait until show day!! You will run out of time and possibly skip steps that can lead to rifle breakage or losing hardware.


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